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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Small note regarding - 5 'S'


1.      Segregation – Sorting out                        ( SEIRI)
2.       Arrangement                                              (SEITON)
3.       Cleaning                                                     (SEISO)
4.       Maintenance of standards                        (SEIKETSU)
5.       Discipline                                                   (SHITSUKE)

      55 for Housekeeping and workplace management

·         Housekeeping is a show to visitors-auditors
·         Always a second priority
·         Responsibility – everyone and who is disordering – everyone

*      To increase productivity, quality of product housekeeping is essential
*      5S is a participative program

  For improving our work, environment and total quality
  It is a base for continual improving in organization
  It is a systematic approach to good housekeeping


      1.       Workplace become clean and better organized
      2.       Shop floor and office operation become easier and safer
      3.       Result are visible to everyone, inside and outsiders
      4.       Visible results, enhance generation of new ideas
      5.       People are automatically disciplined
      6.       Proud of clean and organized workplace
      7.       Resultant good company image generates more business to company

      1.       Happier employees with high moral
      2.       Greater people involvement
      3.       Low employee turnover
      4.       Increase number of suggestions
      5.       Better use of floor place
      6.       Less WIP- Work in progress and inventories
      7.       Better flow of work
      8.       Low machine breakdown rates
      9.       Low accident rates
     10.   High yield of materials
     11.   High product quality

  •  5S is a people oriented and practice oriented approach

       1.       Human being feel good if workplace is clean and well organized

       2.       Helps in reducing time

a.       For searching things (1/3 of time people wasting in searching – Out of 16 hrs )
b.      For handling

       3.       Helps in reducing

a.       Waste, inconsistencies and strain
b.      Unnecessary items and reserve stock
c.       Space requirement
d.      Machine downtime
e.      Rejection / Rework
f.        No. of accidents 


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